Frequently Asked Questions about mobile car crushing service

Q 1. We have some cars and trucks that we like to dispose of. What can you do? How does it work?
A- Our Project Manager will visit your yard to see the job. You and our representative will agree on a price and other terms. Then we will send our equipment and operators at a pre-arranged time to complete the project. Once all the loads have left the yard, you will get paid within 7 business days.

Q 2. How much do you pay?
A- Prices fluctuate every month. It depends on the price for that month, amount of material and whether its prepared or not prepared. Please phone us, so that we can visit your site and discuss the details.

Q 3. How do we get paid and when?
A- We will pay via Business Cheque, Bank Draft and /or Money Order within five to seven business days. If you have an active GST Number, we pay GST on every purchase.

Q 4. When can you start the job?
A- Waiting time vary, but usually you can expect a wait of about 2-4 weeks. Call to find out more and schedule your project.

Q 5. Who pays for moving the equipments, trucking, loader operators etc?
A- Jayman Metals Inc. will be responsible for all the expenses including moving the equipment, wages for operator and his assistant, trucking, and insurance.

Q 6. Do we get scale reports for all the loads?
A- We send the loads to provincially certified scales and you will get details report of each load from your yard.

Q 7. How much minimum you need to come out to our yard?
A- No job is too small. The more you have the better price you get. If you don’t have enough for the crusher to come to your site then we can haul your material away to one of our location.

Q 8. We are planning to do large volume every month. Do we get special price?
A- YES. Phone our office and ask for Jay to discuss the volume and price options.

Q 9. I am not an auto wrecker but I have lots of cars on acres out of town, can you come and get them?
A- Yes, we would like to help you recycle your metal & scrap vehicles in an environmentally friendly way. Please contact us so that someone from our office can visit your site and discuss options.

Q10. Can I bring my scrap vehicle or scrap metal to your place?
A- Yes, we encourage you to bring the material to our location so that we can weigh the material on a certified scale and pay you fair price for the month. If its not possible for you then we should be able to pick it up with our own equipments.

Q11. What do you mean by prepared auto bodies?
A- Prepared Auto Bodies: We appreciate and encourage suppliers by paying them better price when they work hard to prepare auto bodies and have a crush pile ready to be crushed. Prepared auto bodies are bodies that do not have any tires, batteries, mercury switches, engine oil, coolant, gas, propane tanks etc.
Un-prepared Auto Bodies: We also buy unprepared auto bodies. Our crushing crew will prepare them before they go in the crusher. Please read our scrap acceptance policy for detailed information. If you have a question, please not hesitate to call.

For more information about mobile crushing and other service,
please call : 403-813-2392

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