Mobile Car Crushing

Mobile Crushing Services Information Line:

Jayman Metals Inc.

Mon – Saturday.


Jayman Metals deals with multiple buyers in North America and Asia which allows us to pay our customers the highest prices possible. We buy prepared and un-prepared auto bodies.
Prepared Auto Bodies: We appreciate and encourage suppliers by paying them better price when they work hard to prepare auto bodies and have a crush pile ready to be crushed.

Prepared auto bodies are bodies that do not have any tires, batteries, mercury switches, gas, engine oil, coolant, ac gas, propane tanks etc.

Un-prepared Auto Bodies: We also buy unprepared auto bodies. Our crushing crew will prepare them before they go in the crusher. We do not take tires and used oil, gas or any other types of fluid from your premises, but we can always provide you list of used oil recycling and tire recycling companies. Please read our scrap acceptance policy for detailed information.
If you have a question, call us at 1-877-529-6260.